March 16, 2004


New eMachine

The computer that uploads the weather caught a virus this week.
At least that is what I thought. The Internet Provider Tech said it
was definitely "MY Computer." That was the problem.
Tuesday morning about 2:00 am is when it started.
Everytime the computer dialed in to the IP to upload weather
info it recieved an error problem.

I tried everything I could to see what was wrong with this
computer. Finally after 3 days, ENOUGH!
I purchased the eMachine. I use a Mac, but for the weather
station a PC is required. Anyway I get it hooked up.
Re-Create all the Weather Sensor Readings on the new
computer ( 7 Hours) and now I AM Ready. The eMachine starts
dialing in to my IP every 20 minutes and this is what I get:
What!!!!! I call a different Tech at the IP and he says it
was a problem caused by a change Earthlink made
Tuesday Night....... It should be fixed soon.
15 minutes later it was. $500 I have spent, now What?
Should this Company show some responsibilty for
the Tech not checking further. It was not my computer
as I was led to believe.... If he had asked around he
would have known the problem was due to something on
their end of the Internet.

Posted by Marcus at March 16, 2004 06:32 PM