April 04, 2004

The Tree

The first time I saw this tree was 1961, the year we built our
'house.' It stood strongly next to our house, as I walked down the
front walk on my way to Junior High & then High School. It shaded our
house as I waved goodby to my parents when leaving for College and
it stood beautifully as I returned home to visit.
It protected our house for all those years with its
strength and beauty, with graceful limbs in the sky, home to many
small creatures. As a kid, it always seemed strong and tall.
As an adult, it was always the way I had remembered it. Time
has come and gone, giving many years of service through
several generations.....it was time..... Like all life, it was it's time......
Suddenly, on Thursday, March 25, at 10:00 a.m. 2004, it fell crashing
into the yard, decapitating two other trees and crushing the car my
Mother and Dad bought in 1980. The car, a total loss. Thankfully, no
one was hurt....but only by seconds. A good friend was walking
to the yard when he heard the snap and saw the crash. A few
more seconds and it could have been tragic.

This is the rear window, roof, and trunk.
The car is a total loss.

This photo was taken on February 23, 2004,
one month earlier. A more peaceful day.

Posted by Marcus at 08:06 PM

March 22, 2004

Tabulia Trees

The Tabulia Trees are in full bloom again.
The trees pictured above are on the West side of Lake Ivanhoe.

I was standing in the street with my camera photographing
the trees as a middle-aged female in a minivan eased past me,
pulled over to the right curb running over the beautiful
yellow blossoms on the street and stopped in front of the
Tabulia on the left of the photo. She parked right square
in the middle of what I was photographing. She then slid
out of the front seat with her camera and started photographing.
Seemingly oblivious of me standing there. It took her 10 minutes
to figure out that she had placed herself and her minivan in an area
that I was attempting to photograph. I said nothing to her about,
what I considered, her rude interruption. She finally said "sorry."
Returned to her van after getting her photo's and on she went.
Finally, after 15 minutes I was able to do the photograph above.
It is actually 4 photos seamlessly stitched together in Photoshop.

If this is my only complaint of the day, then I'm Happy!

I hope you enjoy.....

Posted by Marcus at 04:41 PM

March 16, 2004


My Mother says the Azaleas have not bloomed this beautifully in over 20 years.
These photos were taken earlier today in her front yard in
Winter Park, Florida.

Posted by Marcus at 05:51 PM