March 16, 2004


New eMachine

The computer that uploads the weather caught a virus this week.
At least that is what I thought. The Internet Provider Tech said it
was definitely "MY Computer." That was the problem.
Tuesday morning about 2:00 am is when it started.
Everytime the computer dialed in to the IP to upload weather
info it recieved an error problem.

I tried everything I could to see what was wrong with this
computer. Finally after 3 days, ENOUGH!
I purchased the eMachine. I use a Mac, but for the weather
station a PC is required. Anyway I get it hooked up.
Re-Create all the Weather Sensor Readings on the new
computer ( 7 Hours) and now I AM Ready. The eMachine starts
dialing in to my IP every 20 minutes and this is what I get:
What!!!!! I call a different Tech at the IP and he says it
was a problem caused by a change Earthlink made
Tuesday Night....... It should be fixed soon.
15 minutes later it was. $500 I have spent, now What?
Should this Company show some responsibilty for
the Tech not checking further. It was not my computer
as I was led to believe.... If he had asked around he
would have known the problem was due to something on
their end of the Internet.

Posted by Marcus at 06:32 PM